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    Space Cakes – Hybrid – AAAA

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    Space Cakes – Hybrid – AAAA

    Space Cake is a potent hybrid marijuana strain created by crossing GSC Forum Cut Cookies with Snow Lotus. It has a creamy flavor with hints of fruit and berries, and provides an uplifting high that leaves you feeling weightless.

    Bud Size: Medium — Large
    Texture: Normal / Dense
    Strain Type: Hybrid
    Flavors: Nutty | Vanila | Ammonia
    Feeling: Giggly | Uplifted | Creative
    Medical Usage: Anxiety | Pain | Lack of Appetite
    THC Content: 23-27% Highest

    Batch Date: 10/31/2023


    Strain Background

    Space Cake is a popular hybrid marijuana strain that is the result of crossing GSC Forum Cut Cookies with Snow Lotus. This potent strain offers a unique and complex flavor profile, with creamy notes reminiscent of its Cookies lineage, and bright fruity and berry undertones. It is also sometimes referred to as “Space Age Cake.”

    One of the most notable characteristics of Space Cake is its uplifting and cerebral effects. Users report feeling a rush of euphoria and a sense of being weightless, with some even describing a feeling of floating or flying. This strain is well-suited for daytime use, as it can provide a boost in creativity and energy without causing overwhelming sedation.

    Space Cake was originally bred by Bodhi Seeds, a respected seed company known for their dedication to producing high-quality and unique strains. With its delicious flavor, uplifting effects, and impressive growth characteristics, Space Cake has become a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts worldwide.

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