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    Space Queen – Hybrid – AAA+

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    Space Queen

    Space Queen: Quick joy, relief for stress, and mild side effects. Loved by both heavy and occasional smokers. Offers happiness, euphoria, and relief from depression, pain, anxiety, nausea, and stress. Rare severe side effects.

    Bud Size: Medium – Large
    Texture: Dense
    Strain Type: Hybrid
    Flavors: Apple | Sweet | Pine
    Feeling: Uplifted | Euphoric | Giggly
    Medical Usage: Anxiety | Stress | Depression
    THC Content: 22-24% Highest

    Batch Date: 10/12/2023


    Strain Background

    Space Queen is a highly-regarded cannabis strain cherished for its ability to swiftly induce feelings of joy and relaxation. This versatile strain is equally popular among seasoned cannabis enthusiasts and occasional smokers, as it consistently delivers effective pain relief and soothing muscle relaxation.

    Notably, Space Queen boasts a rich chemical profile, containing a variety of cannabinoids. These include trace amounts of 0.02% CBN, 0.3-2% CBG, 0.4% THVC, 0.2% CBC, and 0.05% CBL, providing a diverse and potentially therapeutic experience.

    The strain’s distinct flavors come in three appealing options: earthy, citrus, and sweet, allowing users to customize their cannabis journey to their taste preferences.

    One of the most prominent features of Space Queen is its consistently reported positive effects. Users typically describe feeling a sense of happiness, euphoria, and an overall uplifted mood, making it a particularly attractive choice for individuals seeking relief from issues like depression, pain, anxiety, nausea, and stress.

    What’s particularly noteworthy about Space Queen is its reputation for steering clear of severe negative side effects. Common, mild side effects like dry mouth, dry eyes, and occasional paranoia have been reported, but they are typically manageable and transient. Some users, especially newcomers, might experience temporary dizziness, but this is typically a short-lived effect.

    In summary, Space Queen is a reliable, enjoyable, and therapeutic cannabis strain that excels at delivering positive, uplifting experiences while maintaining a low likelihood of severe adverse effects. This makes it a preferred choice for those in search of a pleasurable and well-rounded cannabis experience.


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