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    Pink Gas – Indica – AAA+

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    Pink Gas

    Pink Gas, a predominantly indica, results from crossing Bubba Kush and Pink Kush strains. This strain boasts stunning grape-shaped, forest green nugs with pink accents, along with a pungent gas and spicy diesel aroma. The taste features sweet and flowery herbs with a hint of diesel. The high is swift, beginning with cerebral effects and transitioning to a calming body sensation. This relaxing experience is excellent for managing chronic pain, insomnia, stress, ADD/ADHD, and depression, with THC levels averaging 19-26%.

    Bud Size: Medium-Large
    Texture: Dense
    Strain Type: Indica
    Flavors: Candy | Flowery | Sweet
    Feeling: Euphoric | Hungry | Uplifting
    Medical Usage: Pain | Depression | Insomnia
    THC Content: 19-26% Highest

    Batch Date: 10.13.2023


    Strain Background

    Pink Gas, a heavily indica with a genetic makeup of 90% indica and 10% sativa, is the result of a successful union between the legendary Bubba Kush and Pink Kush strains. This strain earns its name not only through its impressive lineage but also due to its striking visual characteristics.

    The nugs of Pink Gas are visually captivating, featuring a compact grape-like structure with a vibrant forest green coloration. Subtle hints of deep pink undertones, intertwined with fine orange hairs, adorn these dense nugs. A generous coating of milky pink-tinged white crystal trichomes adds to their visual appeal.

    Upon breaking apart these nuggets, an unmistakable scent of pungent gas and a spicy diesel aroma is released, intensifying as the buds are consumed. The flavor profile of Pink Gas is equally enticing, offering a harmonious combination of sweet and flowery herbal notes, with a subtle undertone of diesel providing an intriguing complexity.

    The Pink Gas high is notably swift, taking effect almost immediately after consumption. It begins with a cerebral lift, elevating mood and mental clarity. This uplifting experience is often accompanied by a calming sense of tranquility, effectively erasing any negative or racing thoughts. As the high progresses, this serene feeling extends to the body, culminating in a comprehensive physical relaxation that can lead to a state of couch-lock.

    With an average THC content ranging from 19% to 26%, Pink Gas is particularly favored by those seeking potent therapeutic relief. It has gained recognition for its effectiveness in addressing conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, chronic stress, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and depression, making it a valuable choice for users seeking a positive and well-rounded cannabis experience.


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