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    Godfather OG (Bulk) – Indica – AAA+

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    Godfather OG (Bulk) – Indica – AAA+

    Godfather OG (Bulk), also recognized as “The Don of All OG’s,” and “OG Godfather,” derives its potency from a blend of XXX OG and Alpha OG, resulting in a robust indica marijuana strain. Its effects lean towards sedation and relaxation, making it a favored choice among medical marijuana users seeking relief from insomnia and pain-related symptoms. Characterized by a flavor profile that intertwines spiciness with kushy tones, underscored by subtle hints of grape, this strain contains significantly high THC levels, approximately 28%. For those with lower THC tolerance, moderation is advised when consuming Godfather OG (Bulk) due to its potency. Notably, this strain secured the 1st position in the Best Indica category at the 2013 Cannabis Cup held in Los Angeles.

    Bud Size: Medium
    Texture: Normal / Dense
    Strain Type: Indica
    Flavors: Grape | Pungent | Pine
    Feeling: Sleepy | Hungry | Relaxed
    Medical Usage: Stress | Pain | Insomnia
    THC Content: 23-25% Highest

    Batch Date: 8/10/2023

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    Quarter Pound (4 Oz), Half Pound (8 Oz), Pound (16 Oz)

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