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    Candy Jack – Sativa – AAA

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    Candy Jack is a mostly sativa strain that provides a swift boost to your mood alongside a sweet, citrus aroma. The fragrant smell is inherited from its Skunk #1 parent, while creative and focused effects stem from the Jack Herer side of the family. While its complex terpene profile may impress even the most hardened connoisseur, patients typically appreciate Candy Jack’s ability to counter stress, depression, and appetite loss. With a few Cannabis Cup wins already under its belt, Candy Jack’s potency, flavor, and effects have won this sativa a sterling reputation in the cannabis world.

    Bud Size: Medium
    Texture: Normal / Dense
    Strain Type: Sativa
    Flavors: Sweet | Citrus | Pine
    Feeling: Energetic | Creative | Uplifted
    Medical Usage: Anxiety | Depression | Stress
    THC Content: 19% Highest


    Strain Background

    A one-time Cannabis Cup winner, Candy Jack is a balanced hybrid featuring Sativa effects. Its THC has tested as high as 27 percent and the CBD level generally clocks in around 1 percent. This strain’s genetics combine Jack Herer, Skunk #1, and Cotton Candy. Candy Jack dulls pain on the medical side and improves mood and creativity on the recreational side.For potency, at 27 percent THC, Candy Jack is one of the strongest strains available in the psychoactive department. The CBD level is average at 1 percent, making it unsuitable for serious disorders like seizures.People note the musky citrus aroma, a smell inherited from its legendary parent, Skunk #1. In appearance, Candy Jack is light green with orange and white trichomes. Some say that the flavor is sweet and a little skunky while others describe it as fruity, menthol, or pine. One judge from the Cannabis Cup said that it truly tasted like candy.

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