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    Bubba OG – Shake – AAA


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    Bubba OG, also known as “OG Bubba,” is a popular indica marijuana strain made by crossing Pre -98 Bubba Kush with Ghost OG. The result is a super potent, sweet smelling indica. This strain is ideal for relaxing and socializing. Bubba OG is used by medical marijuana patients to treat symptoms associated with insomnia, nausea, muscle spasms and pain.

    Strain Type: Indica
    Flavors: Earthy | Pungent | Sweet
    Feeling: Sleepy | Hungry | Relaxed
    Medical Usage: Insomnia | Pain | Stress
    THC Content: 22% Highest


    What is Shake?

    Shake is the leftover small pieces of cannabis flowers that are accumulated over time and are commonly found at the bottom of storage containers. It is made up of loose, broken leaves and stems, and small nugs that have fallen off the buds. Shake is typically lower in potency than whole buds and is considered a less desirable form of cannabis due to its often inconsistent potency.

    However, despite its lower potency, shake can still be used for a variety of purposes. Some people use it to make edibles, as it contains enough THC to get you high. Others add it to joints or pipes to bulk up the amount of cannabis they have, or to make their stash last longer. Some people use shake for making concentrates such as kief or rosin, or for making infused oils and tinctures. In general, shake is a versatile form of cannabis that can be used in a variety of ways, making it an economical choice for those who are looking for a more affordable option.

    Strain Background

    CBD levels are low in this indica-dominant hybrid (20:80 sativa/indica ratio), about 0.4%, so Bubba OG isn’t ideal for patients who need that chemical. But THC levels are very high, topping 22% and possibly even 25%. That makes for a lazy, potent body high that reduces stress, sparks hunger, and encourages sleep. Those body effects make Bubba OG great for treating lack of appetite, chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety, as well as headaches and depression. Dry mouth is a fairly common side effect, as are red eyes, but most other negatives are rare. This strain has a strong, pungent earthy flavor with a floral aroma. It’s not exactly clear how Bubba OG came to be, though it almost certainly owes some of its genes to the original OG Kush, a supremely powerful sativa-dominant hybrid that’s popular almost everywhere. Bubba OG, by contrast, is usually found in California (home of OG Kush), Arizona, Colorado, and British Columbia. It occasionally appears on the black market, but it generally isn’t as sought after as some of its Kush cousins. Still, it’s a favorite of many medical users.


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