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    Bloom 8 – Green Apple (1500 mg / 3000mg)

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    Buy Bloom 8 – Green Apple (1500 mg / 3000mg) at Elephant Garden Online Shop
    We use single-source, farm direct, PENIS ENVY mushrooms in all of our edibles for potency and consistency you can trust at pricing that you deserve.Whether you’re looking to enhance your performance, to unlock your next adventure, or to discover the many therapeutic benefits of psilocybin mushrooms, BLOOM Co’s PENIS ENVY mushroom gummies are designed to enhance your day-your way.
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    Micro-dosing: Use the micro-dose cutting template on the back of your package to create eight doses of 187.5 mg
    of psilocybin per serving. Increase dosage as needed. For therapeutic benefits, micro- dose daily for 2-3 days in a
    row, rest for two days, and repeat.
    Low to Moderate dose: 1500 mg Moderate to High dose: 3000 mg Heroic Dose: 4500+ mg


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    1500mg, 3000mg

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