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    Supreme Death Bubba – Indica – AAAA

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    Supreme Death – Indica – AAAA

    Vancouver, BC, famed for its scenic beauty and exceptional seafood, now introduces the Supreme Death Bubba Hybrid Indica to Canada. With THC levels exceeding 27%, this green and purple nug promises a potent experience, possibly inducing a waking coma. Covered in white trichomes and brown hairs, it exudes a scent of pine and musk, offering a well-rounded flavor profile with notes of lemon zest and spiced rum.

    Bud Size: Medium – Large
    Texture: Dense
    Strain Type: Indica
    Flavors: Woody | Citrus | Fruity
    Feeling: Energizing | Euphoric | Relaxed
    Medical Usage: Anxiety | Pain | Insomnia
    THC Content: 24-27% Highest

    Batch Date: 11/21/2023


    Strain Background

    Supreme Death Bubba stands as an indica-dominant hybrid, with a genetic makeup of 65% indica and 35% sativa, meticulously crafted through the crossing of the potent Supreme Diesel and Death Bubba strains. Esteemed for its celebrity lineage and robust fragrance, Supreme Death Bubba caters to hybrid enthusiasts who seek not only potency but also a pronounced aroma in their cannabis experience.

    True to its name, Supreme Death Bubba emanates a robust and distinct olfactory presence, characterized by a heavy, pungent diesel and gas aroma, complemented by subtle notes of sour citrus and spicy herbs. The flavor profile mirrors this aromatic intensity, albeit in a lighter manifestation, offering a spicy diesel taste accentuated by hints of sour citrus and woody fruits.

    The high induced by Supreme Death Bubba is a unique and multifaceted experience. As the effects kick in, a surge of cerebral energy electrifies the mind almost immediately upon exhaling, ushering the individual into a state of heightened energy and blissful giddiness. This elevated mental state is characterized by a certain unfocused and giggly quality. Concurrently, the body undergoes a gradual descent into a profoundly relaxing physical state, creating a harmonious balance that spans from head to toe.

    With its exceptional effects and a noteworthy average THC level ranging between 24-27%, Supreme Death Bubba finds favor among those seeking relief from various conditions. It is frequently chosen as a therapeutic option for addressing depression, migraines or headaches, chronic stress, and symptoms of nausea or appetite loss.

    The visual allure of Supreme Death Bubba’s buds is equally captivating. These oversized, pepper-shaped nugs exhibit a rich forest green hue with deep purple undertones, adorned with thin amber hairs and generously coated in frosty purple-tinted white crystal trichomes. This visual presentation further underscores the strain’s potency and aesthetic appeal, making Supreme Death Bubba a compelling choice for both connoisseurs and those seeking a robust cannabis experience.

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